Friday, April 2, 2010

The ring

I was really looking forward to going to the Jeweler to pick out the setting, I enlisted my friend E. to help. E. has been friends with my FH long before I met him and she has become a good friend of mine. I thought she would be the perfect person to help me pick out a ring that he and I would both love. I had preconceived thoughts of what the setting would be. I really liked the three-stone setting and the channel cut setting. But when I tried these two settings on, they just didn't seem right. The three-stone setting seemed too bulky and the channel cut setting just didn't wow me. I also determined that I didn't really like a lot of band showing which both of these styles had. I really loved my temporary engagement setting because the stone was placed high on the band in a "trellis" setting. Knowing this, the jeweler's assistant handed me a ring with a split band and pave diamonds on the top of the band as well as the sides. This setting didn't really grab me at first so we put it aside and tried on a number of other rings. Eventually we got back to the pave setting and the uniqueness of it really started to wow me. And E. gave it the big thumbs up too. So, with that we had my finger sized and we called my FH to tell him the big news. He wasn't able to come that day but that was OK because I needed to come back the following week to pick up the ring after it had been resized.

Here's a picture from the designer:


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