Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dress

I found the dress. It's perfect for our outdoor beach/bay view wedding. I can't believe I found it after less than 4 months of engagement and 4 leisurely visits (with no appointment) to bridal shops. I still have 14 months to go before the wedding and I told myself that I wouldn't buy something too soon because I wanted to give myself plenty of time to find the perfect (and affordable) dress. But, just like the venue which we found less than 2 months after our engagement, I knew I wasn't going to find a better bargain than this. $99. Yep! Stunning. And to top it off, I received a $100 credit towards accessories (which I still need to pick out). So even IF I found something more perfect than this, I basically got the dress for free after I cash in my credit. Whoo Hoo!

Casablanca (style #1829) 
I found the dress at Trudy's sample sale.

P.S. No, that isn't me in the photos above. In fact, I'm a lot bigger on top than the model. Enough so that I seriously need to consider having the top altered with a little more material. The photo below is me in the dress. I want people to talk to me, not my cleavage. What would you do to to alter the top?


  1. That is an amazing deal you found! Very impressive.

  2. Thanks! We have been really blessed in the wedding planning so far :)